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What We Do

Our strategic planning and design consultancy specialises in creating ground-breaking technology solutions for A Grade commercial, luxury residential apartment buildings, retail and mixed-use precincts, campuses and cities.


We dare to dream beyond the status quo by partnering with project development teams and design professionals to shape innovative design solutions that add commercial value, sustainable outcomes and provides better user experiences.


We holistically consider a broad range of potential solutions in the master planning and design process that considers the value that technology can bring as seen through the lens of key stakeholders ranging from investors to building managers to tenants to residents to visitors and guests.

Smart Buildings

We facilitate the creation of Smart Buildings that are safer, more comfortable and productive for occupants and more operationally efficient for owners over their lifecycle.

Smart Precincts

We create strategies and plans for Smart Precincts that are designed holistically to consider the relationship between smart buildings, public realm spaces, infrastructures, services and sensors.

Smart Cities

We develop strategies for the creation of Smart Cities that are based upon the foundations of good urban planning, economic competitiveness, environmental engineering, technology infrastructures & sustainable practices.

Smart Things

We create solutions that utilise the Internet of Things that connects every day objects and devices to the Internet. Many of these devices are located in buildings, precincts & cities.

At Meld Strategies we connect customers with the most
innovative, relevant and valuable technology solutions in the property market. today.


Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading innovators of technology in property.


Our mission is to create smarter buildings and better experiences working with the world’s leading property developers and design professionals.


Meld’s unique difference is our credible background experience in the fields of architecture, planning, design and technology. We balance our deep understanding of the aesthetics of design with the pragmatics of constructibility and our broad knowledge of building and IT systems. This results in innovative design solutions that:

1.  Raise marketability;

2. Improve the value and performance of assets; and

3. Provide great user experiences.


We have over 65 years of combined award winning experience working in the property development industry.


Meld has expertise in technology specialisations such as building automation, energy monitoring, digital wayfinding, security systems, software development, technology infrastructures, telecommunications systems, utilities and consumer technologies.


We have worked on a range of Australia’s leading developments in asset classes such as commercial office, residential, retail, hotel, health, education and public domain.

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